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Crystal Perpetual Plaques

  • Glendale Goal-Setter

    Glendale Goal-Setter

    A goal-setter accolade recognizes milestone successes. The Glendale Goal-Setter features a slanted rectangle to display your message and holds up to eight blocks, available in several colors.  FREE BASE CRYSTAL ENGRAVING" with this product...

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  • Star Goal-Setter

    Star Goal-Setter

    A goal-setter award recognizes milestone accomplishments. The Star Goal-Setter features a star to display your message and holds up to six blocks, available in several colors. FREE BASE CRYSTAL ENGRAVING" with this product. Packaged in Velvet lined...

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  • Superior Goal-Setter

    Superior Goal-Setter

    The Superior Goal-Setter is truly superior in many ways. To start, its clear and pearl white crystal bevels sparkle as the light hits them, cascading rainbow prisms into the air. Multiple blocks stack neatly on one side signifying the journey from one...

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  • The Boulder Goal-Setter

    The Boulder Goal-Setter

    The Boulder Goal-Setter has a beaming black accent that is its primary focal point. Add blocks to commemorate incremental milestones on the side to complete this beautiful award. The blocks can be purchased slowly over time and added to the award, making...

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  • The Kittery Goal-Setter

    The Kittery Goal-Setter

    The pentagon shape of the Kittery Goal-Setter gives it a unique shape. What truly makes this goal-setter award exceptional is the location of the discs. Rather than stacking on the sides of the award, the Kittery Goal-Setter's discs are placed in the...

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