The quality of your engraving or personalization depends upon the quality of artwork supplied to us!

Therefore we request that all artwork be of the very best quality.  Artwork is accepted in the following formats: .ai, .eps, or .cdr and are considered Vector Art.    These file types provide the sharpest reproduction on your promotional product and/or award.  If you convert a jpg, tiff, png or gif file to a vector file extension, this will not be acceptable as the file resolution will be unchanged.

For Crystal, Glass, Acrylic and many Plaques, artwork must be Vector Art no exceptions.  

For all Promotional Products, artwork must be Vector Art no exceptions.  

For Full Color Sublimation products, Vector Art is best if it's available, but we can ACCEPT Hi-Resolution: JPG, TIFF, PNG or Gif files for this process.

For Laminated Plaques, Electronic Artwork should be provided in Hi-Resolution: JPG, TIFF, PNG or Gif , these type files allow us to print a high quality copy of your document.  We can also accept your artwork in hardcopy format for these products, in the case of Diploma's, Degree's or Certificates.

The first Logo is always free, additional logos might incur an additional fee.

You can upload your Artwork directly from the Product Info page as you place your order online.  You can also email your Artwork to:  When sending your artwork in via E-Mail, it is very important that you include your invoice# in the subject field if you already have one.

When sending art files through email, always ATTACH the files as opposed to INSERTING the image as a picture.  Images pasted into MS Word or PowerPoint are not acceptable.

We offered Art ReDraw services if required, ask a representative for details.

If you have questions about your artwork please contact our office at 980-819-9176 or send us an email.