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Laminated Plaques

Our high quality laminated plaques are hand-worked through a 26-step process that blends advanced technological skill with traditional craftsmanship. Review the following options below for the Board, Trim, and Bevel, as well as Finish and Mounting.  Then use the "Quote Request Form" at the bottom to get pricing.




Border Options



Trim Options




We carry two types of thickness for the bevel:

  1. Deluxe – .75″ (Traditional)
  2. Slimline – .5″ (Modern)


model-deluxe-bevel.jpg  model-slimline-bevel.jpg


The bevel edge is available in the following colors:

Gold, Silver, White, Black, Walnut, and Mahogany.
Ideally, the bevel edge usually matches the trim color.




Use the Quote Request form below to tell us what your requirements are.  Be sure to include necessary information like size and color.  Laminated Plaques could take as long as 15 business days from start to finish.  If you have questions about purchasing a laminated plaque, Call us at 980-819-9176 or email.

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