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Artwork Requirements

The quality of your engraving or personalization depends upon the quality of artwork supplied to us!

Therefore we request that all logo's be in the very best quality.  Logo's are accepted in the following formats: .ai, .eps, or .cdr  for engraving.  These file types are considered Vector Art and provide the sharpest reproduction on your promotional product and/or award.  If you convert a jpg, tiff, png or gif file to a vector file extension, this will not be acceptable as the file resolution and quality of the file will be unchanged.

Our primary graphics software is CorelDraw, but we can import logo's from multiple software programs.  We do not accept graphic layouts that include fonts.  Only the logo is required in vector and all other layout work will be performed by Classic Achievements.  This is because layouts are product specific and best done during the laser setup process.  When a layout is done and stored on our servers with actual fonts, we can easily make formatting changes and speed up the production process on repeat orders.  Layouts that include fonts saved as outlines or curves produce a font that cannot be changed if required.  As graphic artists and decorators we must have the ability to make changes to artwork prior to decoration.  For that reason we ask customers to use fonts available on our computers or provide special fonts when it is a must to use them.  We can not purchase font's to complete a job, but we will try to match the special font as closely as possible.

Submitting Text---We require all text to be typed by the customer and submitted via email or text file.  Excel files not accepted.  We will not retype text from original awards nor  will we take text for engraving or printing over the phone.  Our goal is to minimize errors and rework for our customers and the company.
Some products can accept basic graphic file formats:

For Full Color Sublimation products, Vector Art is best if it's available, but we can ACCEPT Hi-Resolution: JPG, TIFF, PNG or Gif files for this process.  The Sublimation process does not use the PMS Color management system.  Therefore we do not offer color match on these products.

For Laminated Plaques, Electronic Artwork should be provided in Hi-Resolution: JPG, TIFF, PNG or Gif , these type files allow us to print a high quality copy of your document.  We can also accept your artwork in hardcopy format for these products, in the case of Diploma's, Degree's or Certificates.


The first Logo is always free, additional logos might incur an additional fee.

You can upload your Artwork directly from the Product Info page as you place your order online or you can email your Artwork to:  When sending your artwork in via E-Mail, it is very important that you include your order # in the subject field if you already have one.

When sending art files through email, always ATTACH the files as opposed to INSERTING the image as a picture.  Images pasted into MS Word or PowerPoint are not acceptable.

We offer Art ReDraw services if required, ask a representative for details.

If you have questions about your logo or text files, please contact our office at 980-819-9176 to discuss it or send us an email.

Layouts and Proofs

Proofs are created and emailed to minimize errors in our production process.  We use your submitted text and create a layout designed for the product you’ve purchased.  All engraving text is center justified and Logos are placed at the top of the layout unless otherwise requested.  Proofs are sent 48-72 hours from the date the order is placed and to the email provided while placing the order. 

Customers are allowed 3 revisions to the original artwork to gain approval.  If the approval cannot be reached in 3 attempts or customer wishes to change the original artwork, (text, logo or image) then additional charges may apply.  So customers are encouraged to study the proof carefully and  request all changes at once.  Check for spelling errors and/or formatting acceptance.  Any dis-satisfaction discovered after personalization will result in a replacement product.  If we are responsible for the error, we will remake and ship at no cost to the customer.  On the other hand if the error is caused by the actions of customer, then the replacement will be the responsibility of the customer.