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The Benefits of Art Glass Awards

The Benefits of Art Glass Awards

Dec 29, 2020

If you are planning to honor an individual for their extraordinary contributions to their organization, community, or field, settle for nothing but the best. You want something that is classy, arty, and unique just like the individual in question. More importantly, you want a piece of memorabilia that will last a lifetime, reminding them of the recognition they received, and motivating them to aim higher each time.

Receiving a prestigious honor is a defining point in a leader’s life. It confirms that their work is valued by others and has merit in itself. In organizations, it fosters employee loyalty, celebrates visionary leadership, conveys to your best talent that you noticed their hard work and late nights, and pushes others to work harder. All these elements can play a key role in boosting productivity, enhancing work culture, and ultimately sales. So, the recognition programs that you have in place definitely matter.

While zeroing in on best performers might not be difficult, choosing & purchasing a award is definitely a tricky task because there are so many options available. But we believe that art glass awards are best suited for such occasions. Here’s why:

1. Custom art glass awards are timeless

An award that sparkles brilliantly under the spotlight is just what you need for professional recognition programs. These are extremely durable and unlike the chiseled mass-produced metal pieces that rust easily, glass ones stand the test of time if stored with care. Such an award will look great on the shelf of the individual and will also stand out during the presentation ceremony.

2. Unique art glass awards can be customized

You can easily order art glass awards in different shapes and sizes depending upon the recognition category. Moreover, there is a lot of space on the base to list the awards category name as well as the name of the awardee. So, you won’t have to worry about leaving out words!

3. It brings a level of sophistication

While unique art glass awards designed by expert craftsmen can suit any occasion, one thing that sets such awards apart is that you can never go wrong with them as far as individual tastes are concerned. As these are eye-catching and perfect for display, the awardee will feel a certain level of pride when they are conferred with such a beautiful piece of modern art.

We offer a wide selection of custom art glass awards options that will make your recognition ceremonies a grand success. Our expert professionals use the finest materials and cutting-edge technologies to craft trophies, plaques, and other awards that reflect the essence and philosophy of your brand. Get in touch with us if you have an awards program coming up soon! Explore our collection and call us at 980-819-9176 if you have any questions.