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3 Employee Appreciation Ideas To Make Your Staff Feel Special

3 Employee Appreciation Ideas To Make Your Staff Feel Special

Posted by Admin on Jun 3, 2020

Employee recognition is more important than you might think, and a simple certificate or gift card just doesn’t cut it anymore. There are numerous studies that show that employees always react positively when they receive recognition for their work and effort. This doesn’t just motivate them to work harder but also improves their productivity, which, in turn, benefits the company or organization as well. Today, it has become more crucial than ever to make employee recognition a part of your everyday company culture. And here are some meaningful ways to do so:

Practice micro recognition
When you appreciate or recognize the hard work of your employees on a very frequent basis, it is known as micro recognition. It may be something as simple as saying “Job well done!” or leaving a congratulatory note at their desk. Since it is ongoing and frequent, it can work wonders in making your staff feel valued and keeping them motivated.

Public appreciation is always appreciated
You can always organize special events to recognize your valued employees and give them awards as a gesture of acknowledgment of their achievements. You can even go beyond the regular in-house recognition, and let your customers and clients know, through emails or social media, about how much you appreciate all that your staff has done.

Personalize their reward
A great way to make employees feel special is to personalize their reward according to their interests. Show appreciation in a way that is unique to the person receiving it. This shows that you know and care for them as an individual and not just as someone who works for you.

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